Do you know the types of pet collars?

- Feb 28, 2019-

Many people choose to keep pets at home, because pets can accompany us very well, help us to lift loneliness and give us a warm heart. If you are a dog, you must bring your pet collar and leash when you go out to walk the dog. This will ensure that the dog will not run away, and that the dog will not pose a threat to passers-by.

Type of pet collar

1. Columnar pet collar: This dog collar is equivalent to rolling the skin into a small tube, and then sewing it, so that the dog collar becomes a small cylindrical shape.

2, nylon pet collar: This dog collar material is nylon, the price is usually cheaper than the leather. Unlike the cortex, which is very heavy, it feels heavy on the dog's neck. The colors are bright and there are many very beautiful styles. Another benefit is that it is easy to clean it.

3, leather pet collar: wear on the dog's neck can be very compliant, the dog should also feel very comfortable.

Pet collars should be familiar to me! This kind of product is used in the home of small animals! Especially the family that has a dog in the house. If we want to go out with the dog, we will use the collar. After all, the collar can see the dog in our house, but I don’t know if you are Do you know? How should the pet collar be deducted? If you don't understand, let us know about it!

Pet item collar wearing method

One: first unpack the outer ring of your chosen pet collar product;

Second: remove the pet with a collar;

Three: Put the pet collar on the dog's neck first. Determine the size of the dog's neck, then select the appropriate hole for the metal buckle; the fourth step: after determining the circle, then pull the metal buckle One end is fastened to the "D" ring of the collar and the operation ends.

In fact, the method of wearing a pet collar is relatively simple! If you have a pet in your home, if you want to go out and play, be sure to buy a pet collar!