How Do No Tie Shoelaces Work?

- Jun 19, 2019-

Imagine that, you walk down the road, and the shoelaces are loose, you stumble. In order to get rid of this trouble, let's introduce no tie shoelaces today. 


The invention of the no tie shoelaces make it is unnecessary for people to tie their laces every time and effectively saves people a lot of time. Do you know how do no tie shoelaces work? Let Mingjia Weaving String tell you.

No tie shoelaces system contain three integral parts: a miniature adjustable knob, super lightweight nylon shoelaces and a low-friction lace guide holes. Each configuration is optimized to improve system accuracy, adaptability and control. Use nylon replace traditional shoelaces, and a circular knob to adjust the tightness, Specially designed for the development of sports shoes that require convenient, fast and comfortable.

No tie shoelaces are easy and fast to operate, providing a comfortable experience to people.


No tie shoelace has the following characteristics:

Fast: wear or take off shoes quickly and conveniently, one-handed operation.

Reliable: The system adopts unique tie guide groove design, which can fine-tune the tightness and eliminate pressure points.

Comfort: Precision closure, not easy to loosen, in any strength application area, can maintain the initial set state for a long time.