How to Determine your Lanyard Length

- Jun 24, 2019-

In the production of lanyard, length is one of the important parameter, because the length of lanyard will also affect the practicability of lanyard. Of course, choosing a lanyard that can adjust the length is also a method, but for businessman that need to control cost or consider beauty, they will select a fixed length lanyard. So, in the process of making lanyard, the length should also be considered. Here are the common sizes of the lanyard and some suggestions on how to choose the length of different lanyard.


1. lanyard: The materials used to make lanyard are nylon, PP and polyester. The General width is 1cm or 2cm.

2. Accessories: General fittings include metal buckles, certificate clips, plastic buckles, safety buckles, etc.

3. Printing: The General Exhibition lanyard and so on will require the text and pattern to be propagated.



1. Phone wrist lanyard: The lanyard without fasteners is 12 CM long after folding, which is a suitable length that can be worn into the wrist, and will not affect the beauty.

2. Work lanyard: Lanyard length for foreign guests are generally between 45CM and 48CM after folding, for domestic customers are generally between 42CM and 45CM after folding.

3. Pupil's campus card lanyard: It can be made into about 36CM after double folding.