Six Steps to Training A Pet Dogs to Adapt Collar

- Jun 28, 2019-

STEP1 Choose a suitable pet dog training collar

Choose a wide, smooth and easy-to-wear collar. It should be not too tight or the dog may stop breathing for choking. Don't be too loose, the dog may break out of the collar. Usually the appropriate size is that you can stick two fingers into the collar when your dog is wearing the collar.

                                                    Choosing a buckle is easier for dogs to wear

STEP2 Wears collars for dogs

For the first time, in a dog's quiet state, wear the collar to the dog as gently as possible. Bring it gently and quickly. Almost all puppies feel uncomfortable after wearing a collar, scratching and shaking their heads in an attempt to get rid of something around their necks. At this time, you just need to ignore him, don't laugh at him or prevent him from scratching the collar, any attention will encourage his behavior, as long as it ignores, it will eventually get used to it.

STEP3 Distracts dogs

Some dogs are really resistant to collars. At this time, you need to do something to distract them, such as food and games. Choose to wear a collar to the dog before meals, or play with him after wearing a collar, such as picking up balls to distract him from the collar around his neck.


STEP4 Gradually prolongs the time for dogs to wear collars

Wear a collar on the first day and control it for 5 minutes at a time. Practice it many times, once an hour. The next day can be increased to 10 minutes, the third day 20 minutes, until the dog accept the collar.

STEP5 Time for removing pet dog training collar

When the dog is in a quiet and relaxed state, take off the pet dog training collar. If you take it off when they are trying to get rid of it, you are encouraging it to do so. It will think that you will help the him take off the collar when he is struggling.

STEP6 Rewards dogs appropriately

Snacking reward is a good way for dogs to adapt to the collar.