Webbing continuous dyeing matters

- Feb 14, 2019-

1. Ribbon raw material elements. The raw material of the webbing is mainly used to pay attention to whether the yarn used in the batch is uniform, because the "oil" condition of the yarns of different batches is not the opposite. If the blending is used, it will become the element of the pattern in the dyeing process. Secondly, whether the raw bill can be stopped before processing However, the result of dyeing and dyeing the original processed by the essence is very good, because the "oil" on the prior yarn is removed and the dye can be directly contacted with the fiber, without protection.

2. The pressure on the two cylinders of the dyeing tank is small and average. The rolling of the webbing continuous hot-melting dyeing machine is pneumatically pressurized, and there is one cylinder on each side of the roll. When the rolling car runs for a period of time, due to the influence of moisture in the compressed air, the pressure at the two ends of the cylinder will be different, which will cause the liquid belt to have a non-uniform liquid rate, and a side chromatic aberration will occur. In addition, the rolling rolls of the rolling mill are pressurized at both ends, and the inevitable deflection occurs, and the rolling ratio in the side is not inconsistent, and the left middle right chromatic aberration is also formed.

3, the pressure of the dyeing groove roller is small and the degree of unity and hardness. 2MPa以上。 In the cost, the roll pressure should be controlled to a minimum of 0. 2MPa or more. In the process of spending, because of the wear of the rolls, the request for the current period to stop the calibration and repair of the rolls, otherwise it is easy to cause the rolling balance due to the divergence of the rolls. The rolling rate obtained by the rolls with different hardness is different. Too hard can cause the receiving dye to be insufficient. Too soft can cause the rolling rate to be too large, causing a small amount of migration to occur in the dye, and some hardness is required to be based on the strip. Take the decision.

4, the effect of infrared pre-baking temperature on the webbing. After the pre-treatment and padding dyeing process, the polyester webbing is subjected to infrared pre-baking treatment before entering the color-developing box to prevent the dye migration phenomenon during the drying process, and to prevent dyeing of the color flower and the color difference between the front and the back. When the infrared pre-baking temperature is lower than 80 °C, the color difference between the front and back of the webbing is large, and it is difficult to reach the customer's application request. When the infrared pre-baking temperature reaches 100 ° C or more, the chromatic aberration of the front and back of the webbing is greatly improved. This is because when the pre-baking reaches above 100 °C, the moisture of the webbing is almost evaporated, and the ability of the dye migration is increased. Joint thinking dyeing costs practical and energy consumption, and infrared pre-baking temperature control is more suitable at 100 °C-150 °C. The cost is generally determined by the thickness of the strip and the liquid carrying rate. The higher the liquid carrying rate of the strip, the higher the infrared pre-bake temperature. In practice cost, we can not rely on the infrared pre-baking temperature to control the color difference of the front and back of the ribbon dyeing, especially the sensitive color numbers such as coffee and tea green. It is necessary to use the joint application of anti-migration agent and other additives to achieve the dyeing result of winning. .

5. The effect of the fixing temperature of the baking box on the color development. The baking color is the main component of the continuous hot-staining dyeing. The average temperature of the fixing temperature of the baking box plays a key role in controlling the left-right color difference of the webbing. After the polyester webbing is pre-baked in the infrared and then enter the baking oven, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is not met, otherwise a clear color difference will occur. The test indicated that the difference in temperature between the left and right of the baking box exceeded 2 °C, and the color of the webbing was clearly changed. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the baking oven temperature is averaged when the dyeing costs.

6. The effect of moisture content on the left, middle, and right color difference of the webbing. Polyester filaments will participate in the inevitable oil during the spinning process, so they must be degreased before dyeing. After the dyeing process is pre-dyed, the drying is stopped normally, and the unacceptable temperature of the drying cylinder will form a difference in the moisture content of the blank. In severe cases, the left-right color difference of the webbing will be formed. In the process of dyeing cost, in order to prevent the left middle right color difference due to the water content difference of the green strip, it is necessary to ensure that the blank strip is completely dried before the padding dyeing liquid, and the drying tube is stopped for the life test.