Webbing Factory teaches you how to accurately estimate and identify the webbing

- Mar 29, 2019-

The dry webbing factory in this line, no doubt, the most important thing is the quotation. I think many of the peers who are doing the webbing are very familiar with their products, and can get the price when they get their own products. Then, if you encounter a webbing that you are not making yourself, can you quote an accurate price? I think that is impossible. The following small series will briefly introduce how to put a webbing to the most accurate price.

First of all, customers need to know about this webbing, and ask any questions to answer clearly.

1. What type of webbing is this? For example, there are: webbings, lattice belts, jacquard webbings, cotton belts and other products, these must be clearly defined.

2. How big is the specification? The width and thickness need to be understood clearly.

3. What kind of material is this webbing? Because the materials are different, it means that the price is different.

4. What color is the webbing? How many colors are there? This should also be clear, such as the monochrome webbing designation is a little cheaper, the multi-color webbing is definitely more expensive.

5. Need to dye? Some webbings are dyed by customers and the price of dyeing is different.

6, one yard has multiple? This is for the most accurate quotation, calculate a code multiple, you can know how much material is used in this code.

7. Is it single-sided or double-sided? Some weaves are divided into single-sided and double-sided, so this should also be asked.

8, there is a picture for reference, this is to give us a visual judgment of what webbing, can give the quotation this more accurate factor.

9. How many are there? This is a question of deciding whether or not to give customers a discount. If there is a large amount, there must be a discount.

10. Combine the factors of your own factory, the salary of the master, the wages of the workers, and so on.