What is the cause of the deformation of the webbing after washing?

- Feb 23, 2019-

There are two reasons for the deformation of the webbing after it has been washed:

1. Because the fabric material is inconsistent with the webbing material, the structure of the fabric is also inconsistent. The shrinkage rate of the two materials is different, and the shrinkage varies greatly.

2, because of the special workmanship process, such as the ribbon used in the collar, sleeves or car flowers, etc., the bending itself is relatively large.

Suggestion: When the garment needs to be washed, it is necessary to test the shrinkage rate with the large-scale woven belt. Make sure that the shrinkage of the webbing and the shrinkage of the fabric will not cause inconsistency, or use the webbing to test the garment to ensure that the process can be smooth. At the same time, the washing test will find deformation, wrinkle, change other style webbing when changing the wave or replace the webbing material. In order to avoid the risk of falling clothing quality.

Some people think that it takes a long time to contact the webbing. If you have more experience, you can feel the pros and cons of the webbing by feeling. This method of looking at the webbing is wrong. How is the correct judgment method? Here's how to judge the good webbing.

First, see if the texture of the ribbon is wrong, and the size of the pattern text is correct. The effect of each graphic is the same as the original or the original image, which means that the ribbon is well woven because it can meet the customer's needs from the graphic.

Second, look at the color of the ribbon, the color is generally the choice of color. The color contrast is contrasted with the original color color number. This is not specifically stated. It can only rely on sensory judgment. However, if there is normal color, there will be a professional color light to match the color. If it is a clothing type, D65 is commonly used. Light to color

Third, look at the feel of the ribbon, the feel of the ribbon is an important part of the quality of the ribbon. Specifically, the feeling of touching the webbing by hand is psychologically responsive. Because of the different types of webbing, the quality is different, and the feel of the webbing is quite different. The hand feel has the following aspects: 1 whether the webbing is stiff and slack; 2 the smooth and rough surface of the webbing; 3 the softness and hardness of the webbing; 4 the thinness and thickness of the webbing; 5 whether the surface of the webbing is flat and the seaming is beautiful; 6 Is the entire strip of the webbing straight, without bending?

To test the environmental protection of the webbing, the environmental requirements for the webbing of different materials are different. We have to test the environmental protection standards from the testing institutions specified by the customers.