What should we pay attention to in shoelace color matching?

- Jul 01, 2019-

In the process of color matching for shoelaces, because of the strong subjective meaning to color, we need to pay more attention in the process of color matching confirmation. For the same color, some people think it is  red and some people think it is yellow. It is normal that this happens. So what should we pay attention to when color matching confirmation?

1. Ensure the consistency of color matching conditions and light sources.

2. In theory, each person's perception of the color light will be different. About one or two of the ten people have different perceptions of the color light bias, so this person will easily have disputes with the general people when they are confronting the color.

3. The influence of residual image on continuous color judgment:

When the human eye gazes at an object for more than 20 seconds, when the object is removed, the human eye will see the residual image of the object. The complementary color of the object will remain in the human eye for more than 30 seconds, which will affect the color judgement of the color. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the consistency of the surrounding or background colors and place them in the center of the background. Advice the color matching surroundings adopt white, grey and black colorless series to prevent the complementary color effect of the environmental color on the eye remnants of color.