Detailed Inspection Of The Webbing Inspection Operation Process

- Mar 10, 2019-

1. Confirmation of the first piece of inspection For the newly opened (replaced) large-scale production, the inspector should carry out the power-on inspection. The test results are recorded in the "Reeling Machine Recording Record Sheet".

2. Checking the production materials For each product and machine to be officially produced, the inspector should check the materials, equipment status, process cards used, and operation instructions.

3. Inspector inspection regulations

1). Inspection time Frequency Inspector should carry out inspections on the basis of the machine and station without interruption, and keep inspection for 2-3 hours under normal production conditions. In special time, the applicants can be assisted to ensure the inspection density.

2). According to the quality standard inspection of the webbing of the webbing factory. A. Appearance inspection: visual inspection, hand feeling, and reference production sample verification; B. Dimensions: using gage inspection; C. Functional characteristics: verification by instrumentation, sampling if necessary Test the workshop. D. Machine operating parameters: Compare the actual parameters with the data on the Craft Card. E. Product placement: Check whether the product, material, corner scrap, and non-conforming product are placed in the specified area; F. Employees' operation method: Whether the employee operates the machine according to the prescribed system, when the replacement product is produced

Do not inform the inspector to attend the verification. G. Check the status of materials, products, and machines.

4. Inspector's inspection record After each inspection, the inspector shall truthfully record the inspection result on the "Process Inspection Inspection Record Form".

5. Feedback and handling of abnormal quality In the process of inspection, if there is any abnormality in the quality of the inspection, the following actions are taken: A. When it is judged by itself, the “Inspector Inspection Report” is filled and signed by the supervisor. Hand in the production department for improvement. B. If you are undecided, you will be handed over to the production department for improvement after holding the defective product sample to the supervisor. C. Confirm the improvement measures returned by the production department and track the improvement effect. D. Isolation and identification of non-conforming products produced. E. Link the quality inspection of the improved Inspection Report to the Production Section.