Jacquard Webbing Quality Identification Method

- Mar 13, 2019-

The jacquard belt is a clothing accessory webbing. In the past, traditional folk crafts called webbings were a kind of women who tied their children with webbings and could work. It is about 5mm-100mm wide and the length is as needed. Jacquard belts are generally based on pattern patterns, insects, birds and beasts. Workmanship is very beautiful and lifelike. The role of jacquard belts is generally used in clothing and apparel, shoes, hats, bags, home textiles and other uses.

Jacquard webbing is generally intertwined by warp and weft yarns to form a variety of beautiful patterns such as flowers, birds, insects, fish, birds, and characters. The products are made of imported nylon yarn, environmentally friendly dyes, and the most advanced computer jacquard machine, dyeing and finishing equipment and dyeing and finishing process. The single or double-sided jacquard can be made with a unique jacquard belt. The pattern is very three-dimensional and layered. At the same time, the texture is soft and delicate, the color is bright, the hand feels smooth, the gloss, drape and breathability are good. High-end clothing materials and decorations.

First of all, I teach you how to identify the quality of the webbing, which the public can do. So what is the way to identify the quality of the webbing? Let me share the following with you:

Pollution: Visually see if there are any stains, stains, oil stains, etc.

Color difference test: This can be observed with the naked eye. Look at its color, the texture of the tape with the needle edge, can not be messy, it should be a very pure color.

Burr: Usually the burrs of some yarns, this can also be observed with the naked eye, the two sides of the webbing and the seams can not have serious hair balls and wool.

Jump stitch: This can also be observed by the naked eye. The webbing cannot have a jump stitch.

The quality of the webbing is definitely related to the specifications of the webbing. The standard specification is the best embodiment of the quality of the webbing.

Thickness test: Measured with a vernier caliper accurate to 0.001, the tolerance must not exceed plus or minus 0.1mm.

Width detection: Measure tapes with a width of 1 inch and more than 1 inch with a caliper, the tolerance shall not exceed plus or minus 0.25 minutes; the width of the webbing of 1 inch and less, the standard tolerance shall not exceed plus or minus 0.25 mm. Note: The plain and herringbone bands must be of sufficient size to exceed 0.25.

The jacquard webbing also has the advantages of high color fastness to washing, strong dry friction and no fading. The jacquard belt is the most high-grade and durable woven fabric, with delicate patterns and never deformed. Mainly used in high-end clothing, luggage, shoes and hats. Generally used for high-end clothing materials or decorative materials, the jacquard belt produced by Dongfang Textile has soft, delicate, smooth and unique texture, good gloss, good drape and breathability, and high color fastness.