Nylon Webbing Is A Low Temperature Dyeing, Generally 80 Degrees -100 Degrees

- Feb 28, 2019-

What is the dyeing temperature of the nylon webbing? Is nylon compared to Tedron (ie polyester)? In fact, nylon webbings are generally low temperature dyeing temperatures of 80 degrees to 100 degrees. Nylon webbing is evenly colored and can be done once or twice to complete the coloring task. Tedron is a high temperature and high pressure dyeing, and generally completes the dyeing task at 100 degrees or more.

Nylon webbing is divided into pre-dyed and post-dyed. Generally, the factory adopts more post-dyeing processes, and the cost of pre-dyeing is high. The general process of pre-dyeing is: bobbin--skein--yarn

For the jacquard webbing, how to distinguish the front and back of the elastic webbing of the shoe material with the webbing:

1. Double-layer, multi-layer and multi-fabric, if the front and back sides of the warp and weft density are not together, then the ordinary front has a larger density or the front material is better. This kind of weaving with a favorable lattice strip.

2. Leno fabric: the texture is clearly twisted and the sharp side is the front of the fabric. It looks like a lattice belt.

3. Towel fabric: The side with the thicker terry is the front. Most webbing fabrics have significant resolution on the front and back sides, but there are also many fabrics with similar front and back sides, which can be used on both sides (lattice belt). Can not be forced to distinguish between the front and the back.