Ways To Identify The Quality Of The Webbing

- Mar 22, 2019-

Ways to identify the quality of the webbing:

1, FDY (filament): single fiber parallel smooth and uniform, divided into large light, light, half light, extinction, brightness is getting weaker.

2, DTY (elastic wire): single fiber bending, low expansion, fluffy.

3, DTY network wire (low-elastic network wire): There are staged network points, increasing the ability to bundle between fibers (divided into no network, light network, medium network, heavy network, where the heavy network can be used as a free wire).

Color difference test: This can be observed with the naked eye. Look at its color, the texture of the tape with the needle edge, can not be messy, it should be a very pure color.

Burr: Usually the burrs of some yarns, this can also be observed with the naked eye, the two sides of the webbing and the seams can not have serious hair balls and wool.

Jump stitch: This can be observed by the naked eye, and the webbing cannot have a jump stitch.

Elastic band knitting introduces you to the quality of the webbing. It is also related to the specifications of the webbing. The standard specifications are the best embodiment of the webbing quality.

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