What Are The Precautions For The Quality Of The Webbing?

- Feb 09, 2019-

Anti-mold and anti-bacterial webbing ribbon is a widely used textile product. The demand for webbing is very large in many industries such as shoes and clothing, industry, agriculture and military demand. The quality of webbing production directly affects the use of webbing. However, due to the many production steps of webbing, it is inevitable that some webbing manufacturers will have some minor problems in the production process, which will directly affect the quality of the final ribbon produced and discover these problems in time. The reasons for this can help companies avoid more losses. Below, let's take a look at some of the common problems in ribbon production and understand the causes and preventive measures.

First, the bend

Reason for formation:

1. Uneven wear of steel buckles

2, the head of the yarn is not flat

3. The position of the steel buckle is wrong.

4, the yarn joining method is wrong


1, the steel buckle wearing method must be according to the formal wear method, 1 group or 2 groups wear the law.

2. Pull the larger, looser side off until it is as flat as 1-5 turns on the other side.

3, the steel buckle is generally the distance from the needle, there is a steel buckle empty distance.

4, according to the needs of the shoe material webbing, divided into upper and lower layers, or divided, left and right, generally have to be divided into up and down, if there are more than two practices or lines on a belt, they must be separated.

Second, the wave

Reason for formation:

1. The steel buckle is unevenly threaded, and there are too many