What Are The Reasons For The Uneven Dyeing Of The Webbing?

- Feb 16, 2019-

With the advancement of society, people are demanding and using the nylon webbing products such as luggage webbing, pet webbing, jacquard belt, mobile phone lanyard, and ID lanyard. The demand for webbing is also increasing, and the quality is The standards are also becoming more and more strict. In the production of webbing, webbing dyeing is usually the focus of production. In particular, the requirements of yarn-dyed ribbons are more stringent. The dyeing of webbing is mainly carried out in dyeing tanks, whether it is dyeing large cylinders or small cylinders. The overall time is about 2.5 hours. It can be said that only when the color of the ribbon is dyed, we can carry out the next process. Then, what are the reasons for the unsatisfactory dyeing of the ribbon during the production of the webbing?

1. Skills and methods in the production process need to be continuously analyzed and evaluated according to the product to ensure effectiveness and rationality;

2, strict implementation of the process, special personnel plus additives, solid color, etc.;

3. The rationality of the process formula before stakeout (the sample and the sample are greatly different, not put into production);

4, the production is constantly checked with the first version of the OK product to ensure the consistency of large goods and opening;

5, before the band is confirmed before the dyeing, there is no hair, hair, hair, when the hair is constantly compared to the sample;

6, the product's excellent fastness report should be submitted to the packaging workshop together with the product to determine the product OK;

7. Confirm before the setting, whether the lifting effect is consistent with the pattern, the difference of color difference and color width.

8, the production of small and medium-sized singles, and need to declare production, when the material is different, you need to play the first version;

9. If the webbing machine is not enough, the webbing dyeer will share one machine, which will affect the boot speed;

10. Improve the efficiency of pattern making;

11. Standardize nailing to avoid too long joints;

12, after the occurrence of abnormal points, no standard is good, should be published in standard, new students can learn better.