What Should The Webbing Pay Attention To When Printing?

- Feb 19, 2019-

Many webbing printers need to pay attention to the printing problem when printing silk ribbon printing and ribbon printing. The screen is the basis of screen printing. Choosing the right screen is an indispensable link. Due to the wide range of applications for printing and screen printing, the factors related to it are multifaceted. When using the screen, it is necessary to select different printing screens according to the specific conditions and printing requirements. Usually, when selecting the screen, it can be considered from the following different angles.

1Select the screen according to the type of web printing substrate for ribbon printing and printing. When selected, it is selected according to fiber fabric, paper product, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, wood products, electronic products and so on.

2 According to the nature of the printed ink paste, different inks of different screens have different adaptability characteristics. Therefore, when selecting the wire mesh, it is necessary to consider the drying time of the ink and the vividness of the color, and the ink absorbing ability of the substrate.

3 According to the printed material and performance of the screen, the material and physical properties of the screen itself should be considered when selecting the screen. The corresponding screen is selected according to different suitability as the material used for printing.

4 According to the printing webbing, the screen should be selected. When selecting the printing speed, the printing pressure, the printing durability of the printing plate and the absorption capacity of the printing material should be considered.

Several ways of choosing a mesh have been introduced earlier. However, the selection of ribbon printing and printing of the screen is not a simple problem. In addition to considering the screen, it is also necessary to consider the various constraints associated with the cost of the ink, the substrate, and the like. Enjoy the method of choice and pay attention to the relevant problems, choose the appropriate screen to be handy. When choosing a wire mesh, you should pay attention to the following aspects.

1 First consider the ease of ink passing through the screen, generally consider this aspect when choosing. The intermediate color ink uses a highly transparent ink, and the vibrating material is relatively fine, the ratio of the vibrating color carrier is large, and the ink has good passability. The ink can also pass well when using a high mesh screen. Generally, the plastic ink has good passability, special-purpose ink, and ink with high diastolic concentration, although the fineness is relatively poor in passability.

2 If the ribbon printing, the ribbon printing pattern, and the surface of the printed substrate are rough, a lower mesh size is generally used. Such as leather, canvas, foam sheet, wood and other materials printed. Since the surface of the substrate is rough and the ink absorption is strong, a mesh having a lower mesh size is used to ensure a sufficient amount of ink passes.

3 Select the screen according to the fineness of the original text. Contrary to the above, in general, fine lines are required to select a high mesh screen.

4 The choice of wire mesh should also consider the cost. Under the premise of meeting the printing requirements, try to use the lower price wire mesh.